Tenth Day of Stress-less Christmas: Listen to some holiday tunes


Music is so powerful.  As group fitness instructors, we use it all the time.  Fast-paced, high-energy music in Tabata class.  Instrumental, slow, flowy music for yoga and Pilates.    In these last few days and hours before the Big Show, I use Christmas Music a lot to get me through.  At this point, some people have had enough of Christmas music.  But I like to make sure that I listen to all my favorites at least one last time.  After all, next week, it’ll be time to put away the holiday tunes until next year, right?

There are so many holiday stations on Amazon Music, Pandora and Spotify – you are bound to find one that suits your taste just perfectly.  However, here are just a few of my favorite things when it comes to soothing tunes  - especially for holiday traffic over the next couple of days:

Pentatonix Mary Did You Know

Idina Menzel River

Sting If On This Winter’s Night 

Sarah McLachlan Wintersong

Happy Listening Everyone!