Tom Sheehan

Tom brings fierce intensity and energy to each training session—even at 5:15 am! His goal is to inspire all clients to improve their physical health, which in turn also provides mental benefits. He truly believes in the mind-body connection and is proud to have played a role in helping clients thrive by embracing the wellness program offered at Sheehan Personal Training.

Tom was certified as a personal trainer by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America in 2005. In 2006, he debuted and has been since evolving the semi-private training model that utilizes a semi private dynamic to promote encouragement and camaraderie among clients—and achieve superior results.

Additionally, he received a nutrition certification from the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists in 2007, and a certification in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation of Cornell University in 2011. Tom is also a certified spin instructor and has taught at many gyms in the Mansfield-Foxboro area.

LeAnna Sheehan

LeAnna fully believes all clients are capable of reaching their fitness and health goals with proper instruction and guidance. Known for her passion and enthusiasm for helping others, she is most excited seeing clients thrive on their fitness journey.

Since 2008, LeAnna has been certified as an AFAA personal trainer. In 2018, she was also certified as an AFAA group trainer.

LeAnna also brings a broad base of knowledge in all areas of nutrition. She is a fully certified plant-based nutritionist through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University. She offers nutrition counseling and develops individual nutrition plans for Sheehan Personal Training clients.

Melissa Solomon

Movement and fitness have always been a big part of Melissa’s life. Her mom was a fitness instructor, and her dad was a runner, skier, and remains an avid cyclist at the age of 80!

Melissa began teaching fitness classes and conducting personal training over 25 years ago. Her experience has taught her that not all bodies are the same, but all bodies need to move!

Her approach includes teaching proper and safe techniques so she can confidently push clients to succeed through challenging, injury-free, and—most importantly—effective workouts. She specializes in designing functional workouts that factor in all planes of motion because bodies are intended to move in all directions!

Meredith McCarthy Berry

Meredith has had a passion for health and fitness for as long as she can remember! A trainer since 2005, she has enjoyed successful experience with all ages ranging from teens to 80s, and differing fitness levels.

In all situations, Meredith’s goal is to give clients a well-balanced workout incorporating cardiovascular activity, strength, and balance. Fun is important too!

Her favorite part about personal training is getting to know the clients on a personal level and teaching them how to be the best they can be in terms of their health. She loves seeing clients progress and achieve levels they never expected to reach. She particularly loves the moment when clients recognize they have come to enjoy working out, rather than dreading it.

Chelsey Coelho Buckley

Chelsey’s passion for fitness began early in life and has grown stronger through the years. Although she’s never encountered a workout she doesn’t like, her favorite way to sweat has always been in a group fitness setting. She loves the “team” feel of these classes, and truly believes that people work harder when surrounded by like-minded individuals who are working toward a similar goal.

Chelsey has worked in the past as a certified spin instructor pushing riders beyond their (former) limits to become the best versions of themselves. For the last decade, she has brought the same intensity to her fitness clients at Sheehan Personal Training.

She attributes a large part of her love for fitness to her involvement in the Mansfield community and beyond. She is thrilled to be a part of the Sheehan Personal Training team and loves creating a fun, judgement-free atmosphere where people feel supported, inspired, and challenged in her classes!

Linda Ubertini

Linda’s passion for fitness began when she joined her first gym at the age of 23. Exercise and movement became a way of life for her!


She believes that exercise is not just about weight loss but about working toward a higher quality of life and getting the best from the one body you are given. Linda believes that each of us has another “gear,” and that it is her job to help her clients find that gear. Linda feels blessed to say that she loves her job!