Carolyn S., age 47, Mansfield I have been a member of Sheehan Personal Training for over eight years. It's my second home as Tom and LeAnna are genuinely kind and treat you like family. No matter what your fitness level is, you always feel welcome when you enter the studio. Everyone is kind and friendly—something you could never feel in a typical gym environment.

LeAnna truly gets to know each member, and classes are always fun and challenging. She is always working to keep us striving to be our best. I especially love the encouragement and motivation she gives during a tough workout.

I am grateful for all the hard work they put into everything they do for their clients. They are the best in the business!

Karen F., age 48, Mansfield This place has truly changed my life. I had always carried some extra weight but used to be able to do extra cardio and drop the pounds. After back surgery, two knee repairs, and upon entering pre-menopause, I finally accepted I had to change my workouts and my eating habits. Simply what I used to do for workouts would no longer meet my needs as my body changed and I got older.

Sheehan Training is a smaller group setting, with amazing staff and clients that all support each other. Most of all, we have fun working out and help support and push each other to be the best we can be. I have never experienced this at the big chain health clubs.

I have always put my family first and snuck in my workouts when I could. I decided a few years ago that for my own health I needed to commit and find the time for myself and set a long-term goal so I could enter my 50s in the best shape of my life. Sheehan Training fits a challenging full body workout into a 45-minute session, which is critical because of my work and family commitments. It is a smaller group setting so you really receive personal attention.

They also help modify any movement to fit your fitness level or help you work through an injury, so you don’t have to stop your workouts. Some exercises I simply can’t perform due to the condition of my knees and back, but they always find a modified version to make it work. I am stronger and leaner now than I was when I was in my 20s and 30s—I feel simply amazing!

Additionally, their customized nutrition plans and their knowledge about how our bodies change as we get older have really changed my life. It is not a diet; it is a way of life for eating. I had always eaten cleanly without a lot of processed foods, but I could not drop the extra weight even though I routinely worked out too. LeAnna and Tom helped me figure out what worked for me, my body, and more importantly my lifestyle so I could finally succeed. We made several tweaks to my program to find something that worked for me. Now my family is eating clean too.

I wish I found Sheehan earlier in my life, but everything happens for a reason. I found them when I was mentally ready to commit and ready to put myself first and create a long-term goal for myself. I could not have done this without the support of LeAnna and Tom and the friends I have made here at Sheehan Personal Training.

Beth E., age 52, East Bridgewater I have been working out at Sheehan Personal Training for over eight years and have never looked back. It has contributed to increased success with my martial arts training, and Tom and LeAnna have helped me with every aspect of my fitness over the years. I am close to being in the best shape of my life, and I feel great!

My initial need for a "work out" plan was to increase my flexibility. I was starting to have a TREMENDOUS amount of difficulty at simply moving (up and down, side to side, bending over, etc.). I felt (knew!) it was just a matter of time before I would no longer be able perform at my job. Something had to change and fast.

Tom E., age 55, Bridgewater The above was my impetus to visit and eventually join Sheehan Personal Training. Once I became a part of the Sheehan Personal Training family, I not ONLY increased my flexibility, which I know saved my career, but I also benefited from the multitude of programs they offer, including semi-personal training (resistance training is my favorite), group sessions (Tabata is my favorite), individualized physical assessments, individualized nutrition programs, individualized coaching and counseling, and much more.

With the Sheehan team, I not only increased my flexibility (my initial goal), but I also learned how to eat better (I lost over 20 pounds), increased my strength and stamina, gained a MUCH better mental focus, and can even RUN again (I had been unable to run due to flexibility issues in the three years prior to joining Sheehan).

Jack T., age 59, Mansfield Sheehan Training provides a super positive place, friendly and clean atmosphere, awesome trainers, and great people that keep me motivated!

Pat D., age 59, Avon It’s been more than six years since I started going to Sheehan Personal Training. I can unequivocally state that doing so has had a very positive impact on my physical well-being. The instructors and trainers are fantastic and are constantly updating their classes, so they are never exactly the same. They also take the time to create a playlist that both energizes you and coordinates with the workout.

Additionally, if you have any limitations, they will modify an exercise or provide you with an alternative that your body can perform without risk of injury. Owners Tom and LeAnna know everyone by their first name and encourage feedback all the time.

Tom N., age 68, Mansfield I have been with Sheehan Personal Training for over 13 years. They kept me in fabulous shape as I headed into my retirement years. I am now retired, still training, and could not be happier with my current level of muscular strength and endurance that allows me to do things that most people my age cannot. The small group format is the best, and it has been fun working out with some great people over the years!

Linda P., age 70, Easton I am a 70-year-old woman who cannot imagine a life without the talent, knowledge, and support of Sheehan Personal Training. They provide strenuous workouts on good days, guided modifications when injured, monthly challenges, nutritional guidance, and daily encouragement and support. Tom and LeAnna are an amazing couple that live what they teach and treat all their members like family. Check them out. You are worth it!

Dorothy V., age 73, Foxboro I love Sheehan Personal Training for its excellent small classes, superb instructors, and wonderfully supportive atmosphere. Whether its Strength Circuit, Hi-Lo, Barremax, or Pound, my classes are fun and motivating for a tremendous workout. Although I’m older than most of my exercise buddies, it doesn’t matter as we’re working on our own fitness goals. I’ve been to many large gyms over the years but finally found a home at Sheehan Personal Training where exceptional instructors know how to lift you to a higher level.

The classes are challenging and always changing. LeAnna is so amazing and is always motivating me and correcting my form.
— Kristen M., Mansfield, August 4, 2019
Very friendly, small groups and personal training. Very nice facilities and a variety of services and packages to meet most budgets.
— Karen H., Attleboro, July 28, 2019
Very welcoming to first timers! Very fun great first class! Definitely felt my muscles on fire....
— Alyssa K., Mansfield, July 2, 2019
Facility is immaculate. Schedule is very accommodating and Melissa is the best.
— Kathy F., Mansfield, June 23, 2019
Everything!! I like that the clients are older (not teens and twenties by enlarge). I like how friendly everyone is supportive. I also appreciate that the instructors challenge me in my workouts.

The only thing I would really like is a class around lunchtime on weekdays as I work from home 2 days a week.
— Janie M., Foxboro, June 7, 2019
The most wonderful people you will meet and absolutely amazing classes. They are like family and are a positive influence during class to push you to be better. I cannot say enough good thing about this gym! They are the best!!
— Mikayla G., Cumberland, RI, May 18, 2019
I love the motivating instructors and small class sizes. The instructors are so good about suggesting modified exercises to make coming back from injury or working through chronic issues so much easier. Great gym!
— Bonnie C., Mansfield, May 3, 2019
Consistent, challenging, high quality work outs!
— Linda U., Mansfield, April 21, 2019
Excellent staff. Nice facility. Always looking to make improvements.
— Bill B., Foxboro, April 4, 2019
Very welcoming and all services are personalized!
— Diana L., Foxboro, Mar 26, 2019
Very welcoming and all services are personalized!
— Jennifer L., Mansfield, Mar 13, 2019
Great owners and trainers. Great clients to workout with too!
— Tom N., Mansfield, Naples, FL, March 4, 2019
45 minute full body workouts, he work hard and have fun at the same time. Such a supportive group of trainers and clients.
We all get in funks and fall off our schedule a little when life gets in the way but everyone there supports you to stop beating up on yourself and get back on track.
— Karen F., Mansfield, Feb 19, 2019
Love everything— all the services and instructors :)
— Makenzie E., Foxboro, Feb 6, 2019
Tom, LeAnna, and the training staff are professional, highly qualified, and provide lots of encouragement, motivation, and enjoyment to the classes they run. The studio is always impeccably clean and Tom is constantly ensuring that the equipment is clean and working like new.

In other words, the place is fantastic and has helped me meet my goals of being in the best shape possible for the 4 years I’ve been a member.
— Harry D., Walpole, Jan 31, 2019
Great workouts with awesome instructors!
— Maryalice M,. Mansfield Jan 18, 2019
The clients are great! Tom and LeAnna are the best!
— Jack T., Foxboro, Jan 11, 2019
Love the staff, very knowledgeable and friendly. You will see results of your workout. Well equipped gym. Small cozy place with a great atmosphere. Nice clients as well. I like to go there a have a workout. Highly recommended.
— Julita K., Mansfield Dec 28, 2019
True professionals. Great instructors & trainers.
— Linda U., Norton, Dec 17, 2018
The personal attention in the training sessions and the quality of the classes. Not to mention the owners, who are just fabulous! They truly treat every one who walks through their doors like family and genuinely care wholeheartedly about their clients!
— Kim M., Foxboro, Dec 8, 2018
I like the diversity, I like that it challenges me and the Instructors are always watching our form and stressing good form. They switch up the work outs, include cardio as well as strength training-great place! I highly recommend it!!
— Diane D., Walpole, Dec 1, 2018
You feel like you are part of a family at Sheehan:)

— Julie S., Mansfield, Nov 17, 2018
I love everything- people are great and workouts just as great!
— Diane K., S. Boston, Nov 11, 2018
The trainers provide challenging classes while maintaining supportive, friendly, unintimidating environment.
— Melissa D., Foxboro, Nov 5, 2018
The welcoming culture, the varying fitness levels, the willingness to help each person achieve their own goals.
— Sophia M., Mansfield, October 21, 2018
The classes are challenging and the times perfect for people who work.
— Lauren T., Easton, Sep 24, 2018
I have been a member of Sheehan Personal Training for over four years now, and I cannot believe how consistent I’ve been - exercising since I’ve joined Sheehan. Every class continues to not only be challenging but fun - an element I definitely need to keep me going - and to keep me coming back. :) Thank you, LeAnna and Tom Sheehan - for building this business!!
— Robyn H., Mansfield, Sept 12, 2018
The personnel doing the training - Tom, LeAnna, Melissa, Chelsey - are excellent. They are positive, energetic and very knowledgeable.
— Bill B., Foxboro, Aug 26, 2018
Such a positive and supporting environment. We work hard, have fun, and not take things to seriously, meaning we laugh at ourselves and have fun all while working hard towards our own personal goals and those vary for everyone in the room. The staff know just what each person needs in the room, how you motivate us at individuals based on our own styles and needs.

Even the clients help support each other, it is an amazing environment.
— Karen F., Mansfield, Aug 15, 2018
Love the new space. Trainers are fantastic and Tom and LeAnna are the nicest people you will ever meet. Feels like home when you walk in the doors.
— Tara C., Easton, July 24, 2018
Friendly, knowledgeable trainers who push you to your goal.
— Francine B., Mansfield, July 7, 2018
I like that you can sign up on line, and I really enjoyed the class. Having not done any exercise for years, I appreciated the instructor’s patience with me.
— Christine S., Norton, July 2, 2018
Fabulous trainers, so in tune with each member, you feel part of a family rather than just another gym member.
— Ann O., Mansfield, June 21, 2018
I Love the close knit relationships with instructors, owners, and members. They are always working hard to keep the classes fresh and challenging.
— Carolyn S., Mansfield, June 3, 2018
Classes are amazing-especially LeAnna’s. Best barre classes around.
— Melissa D., Foxboro, May 23, 2018
Excellent trainers, personal service and a very clean studio. I love this place.
— Harry D., Walpole, May 17, 2018
Their commitment and experience they give to their clients. The different programs they offer and the one on one you get from them.
— Beth E., East Bridgwater, April 29, 2018
Inspiring staff! Excellent training for 10 plus years! Will never go anywhere else!
— Diana P., Sharon, April 17, 2018
Well I’ve only tried one training session so far but I liked the small group training. I also like that the membership is flexible and it’s tailored to what I’m looking for - without being complicated (pricing tiers and several types of fees).
— Laura S., Foxboro, April 9, 2018
Tom and LeAnna truly care about all of their clients, and they do their best to help them achieve their goals. This isn’t just a job or a career for them, it is literally their vocation in life to help all their clients live healthier and happier lives. All of the trainers are professional and knowledgeable. The studio is new, and it is spotless.
— Sally S., Mansfield, April 4, 2018
The best training/fitness center around! I’ve had memberships at many gyms and this place is special. LeAnna and Tom are so warm and welcoming They are truly sincere about helping you reach your fitness goals. It’s a family atmosphere with the nicest staff and members. I actually look forward to my classes and training sessions!
— Debbie M., Foxboro, Mar 26, 2018
Sheehan Personal training is fantastic. The trainers are excellent and the group classes are a great compliment to the membership. Tom and LeAnna are such great people who have the biggest hearts and put their all into this facility to make it a great place for people to meet their personal goals! Also, the new space is great - Highly recommend Sheehan Personal training
— Tara C., North Easton, Mar 19, 2018
I love that LeAnna and Tom get to know you, for who you are. They encourage you and push you to be a better athlete. They also promote a healthy community.
In taking barre, cardio barre and pound I love the music, the challenging routines and the girls I take class with. You know your a big family when you look for each other when someone is missing from class whether it’s due to sickness, work or vacation. We all rely on each other!
— Kristen H., Mansfield, Mar 4, 2018
The instructors and trainers at Sheehan Personal Training are the best of the best. They truly care about each and every one of their clients, and continuously make an effort to make sure clients are getting the most out of classes and training sessions. Correct form is key in many of the group fitness classes and they work with each client to ensure safety and effectiveness. They make me feel like family every time I come in.
— Kristin D., Quincy, Feb 23, 2018
I love how hard the Barremax classes and the attention to proper form and alignment. The 8:15 time slot is very convenient!
— Jessica E., Foxboro, Feb 16, 2018
Tom and LeAnna are two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. They are genuine and passionate about what they do, and the atmosphere in the studio is unlike any other. I literally cannot say enough good things about Sheehan Personal Training.
— Danielle T., Bridgewater, Feb 5, 2018
Great class, it was a good workout and fun. The instructor gave great and easy to follow directions in class. Everyone was very welcoming!
— Matthew D., Mansfield, Feb 1, 2018
Super positive place to be!
— Jack T., Foxboro, Jan 28, 2018
I Love the new place Tom and LeAnna. Just recommended a customer of mine to come to you for personal training!
— Jayne T., Foxboro, Jan 21, 2018
Excellent trainers who exude encouragement and enthusiasm endlessly. Group classes which target muscle groups which are difficult to exercise through normal weight lifting and aerobic classes.
The ability to take group classes once you are signed up for personal training classes.
Timing of the group and personal training sessions throughout the week.
— Lorraine P., West Bridgewater, Jan 14, 2018
I like the positive energy from everyone I interact with, the high knowledge level about total body fitness, and the great group classes.
— Christine B., Foxboro Jan 11, 2018
Simply outstanding service. You all never give up on me. Thank you!
— Diana P., Sharon, Jan 7, 2018
LeAnna’s classes are challenging and push me to the next level.
— Lauren T., Easton, Dec 22, 2017
Tom and LeAnna have such a passion for what they do. The services they offer and the trainers are excellent. Such a great gym. Highly recommend!
— Tara C., N. Easton, Dec 8, 2017
The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and warm.
— Bev F., N. Attleboro, Nov 27, 2017
I love that the classes are always changing, it’s never the same workout. I also love the music, LeAnna’s energy, and of course my workout buddies!
— Kristen H., Mansfield, Nov 23, 2017
The positive attitude from everyone - even at 5:15 in the morning...
— Bill B., Foxboro, Nov 11, 2017
I love the variety of classes that are both fun and challenging. It’s a great community of incredibly friendly people. I always feel welcome!
— Angie M., Norton, Nov 1, 2017
You have a beautiful facility and peaceful energy - the personal training session was great, upbeat, warm of energy, and motivation. The soreness I feel today is unbelievable (in a great way)! I honestly want to push myself that way again.. so, I am figuring out a schedule that may accommodate it.
— Carey T., Plainville, Oct 24, 2017
The classes provide a great physical and mental workout. I often come to Sheehan with a stress headache or mentally drained from work...by the time I leave my headaches are usually almost gone. It’s a great transition from work to home.
Awesome instructors and I like the small class size so incorrect form can be caught.
Looking forward to the new facility!
— Bonnie C., Mansfield, Oct 13, 2017
High quality instructors, very nice people, friendly atmosphere
— Lisa C., Mansfield, Sep 23, 2017
I like the group personal training because it’s not a large group....so it feels “personal”. The instructors and the clients are all very friendly. I am not being judged....I am there to improve my health and I feel like the instructors are with me on this path. Then having the options of taking other classes that get my heart rate up, or improve my flexibility, strengthen my muscles, work on my core, etc. really rounds out the experience. I can take different classes, and each one is a new experience. I leave the facility .... extremely happy!!!
— Kathy C., Foxboro, Sep 3, 2017
I have always been impressed with LeAnna’s ability to make you feel so comfortable and welcomed. I recently took a strength circuit class which I loved because although the class had all fitness levels, the class was designed to challenge everyone safely. The class also had stations that were new to me. I also took a barre class that was amazing. My form was critiqued which I appreciate to get the most out of the class. I will continue to recommend Sheehan training.
— Doreen V., Mansfield, August 21, 2017, Rating 10/10
The owners LeAnna and Tom Sheehan are totally invested in each clients’ personal goals whether you are part of the personal training classes or part of the fitness classes. The fitness classes are great. The instructors are knowledgeable and caring. Everyone from beginner level to advanced level is made to feel included in the classes. With the classes being small, the instructors are able to not only instruct, but assist the class in proper form for the exercises as well as modifications.
— Lydia B., Mansfield, August 14, 2017, Rating 10/10
LeAnna is fantastic, motivating, and encouraging. The facility is great, and the online scheduling system is so convenient.
— Cathey N., Bellingham, July 30, 2017 Rating 10/10
Professional not pushy.
— Debra F., Mansfield, July 11, 2017 Rating 10/10
Very friendly. Even for older beginners!
— Kathy C., Foxboro, July 3, 2017 Rating 10/10
Life changing...
— Tom E., East Bridgewater, June 26, 2017, Rating 10/10
I love the personal training aspect - it pushes you to your max for a great workout.
— Tara C., N Easton, June 11, 2017 Rating 10/10
LeAnna and Tom are upbeat and encouraging. They always try to motivate you to try to help you achieve a little bit more than you did the day before. and the people whom you are in class with are just as encouraging, after going here for a few years, it’s like my second family. We look out for each other and reach out if we haven’t seen eachother in a bit.
— Kristen H., Mansfield, May 27, 2017 Rating 10/10
I love the energy of every one! It’s clean and doesn’t smell of perfume of cleaning products. It’s personal!
— Eileen P., Norfolk, May 20,2017 Rating 10/10
Suits my fitness needs. Excellent and very knowledgable staff. Extremely grateful that Bikram yoga is offered at this facility.
— Dale K., Norton, May 9, 2017 Rating 10/10
Great instructors who continuously keep it fresh by introducing new and different exercises. Also a clean and friendly atmosphere!
— Irna G., Norton, May 4, 2017 Rating 10/10
I like the knowledge of the instructors and how attentive they are to proper movement. The owners and instructors are wonderful. They care about their clients and it shows.
— Margie A., Easton, April 25, 2017 Rating 10/10
I really like the personal touch that this gym provides. Everyone on the staff knows their clients. When you come in for a class you feel very welcome. The owners are there everyday and really care about your personal fitness goals.
My husband has worked with Leanna on a nutrition and personal fitness plan and has seen excellent results.
— Lydia B., Mansfield, Apr 16, 2017 Rating 10/10
I love that LeAnna changes up the barre routines so that you never get bored or plateau out. The arms routine and barre moves always change and the results are amazing!
— Kristin H., Mansfield, Apr 8, 2017 Rating 10/10
The studio has very friendly, home like atmosphere. The staff is always helpful and professional. Highly recommended place.
— Julita K., Mansfield, Mar 30, 2017 Rating 10/10
Very friendly environment, clean, and very welcoming to beginners. No pressure to keep up with everyone else...can go at my own pace.
— Kathy C., Foxboro, Mar 23, 2017 Rating 10/10
Fabulous trainers!!!
— Mary Jean V., Foxboro, Mar 13, 2017 Rating 10/10
Personalized to my needs, each client matters, I don’t feel like just another member! Thank you!!
— Ann O., Mansfield, Mar 4, 2017 Rating 10/10
Love the small group personal training. The staff is friendly and really care about their clients.
— Wendy H., Foxboro, Feb 27, 2017 Rating 10/10
Small classes, super supportive and friendly staff, great workouts.
— Laura W., Mansfield, Feb 22, 2017 Rating 10/10
I love all the classes, teachers, reminder emails, the small intimate classes, other members, positive vibes!
— Jamie A., Norton, Feb 13, 2017 Rating 10/10
Consistently challenging, professional, clean environment.
— Caterina W., Wrentham, Feb 5, 2017 Rating 10/10
Good variety of classes. Owners very involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.
— Sharon T., N. Attleboro, Jan 29, 2017 Rating 10/10
Trainers are friendly, personable, and constantly engaging.
— Alex H., Mansfield, Jan 20, 2017 Rating 9/10
I love everything about Sheehan! The small classes, personal attention from trainers for correction, energetic and fun class instructors, and vast variety of classes offered.
— Beth B., Norton, Jan 6, 2017 Rating 10/10
It is a warm and accepting atmosphere...
— Sarah F., Foxboro, Dec 23, 2016 Rating 10/10
Challenging workouts for every level, expert instruction, and a feeling of a positive community.
— Linda K., Mansfield, Dec 11, 2016 Rating 10/10
I like the smaller classes than most gyms. I got more out of the class doing the class the right way rather than not being sure and not getting anything out of the class.
— Colleen H., Mansfield, November 14, 2016 Rating 10/10
Great variety of classes, instructors who are not only quality people, but who really care about their clients, super clean facility, and positive and happy atmosphere!!!
— Susie S., Mansfield, Oct 21, 2016 Rating 10/10
There are so many things to love about your studio: The welcoming environment, the quality and knowledge of the trainers, and the variety of classes offered. But probably the best thing is the personal interest that you both (Tom and LeAnna) take in each client. You are there all the time. You are teaching and encouraging each and every person to achieve their goals. Thank you for helping me reach mine.
— Sandy H., Canton, Oct 4, 2016 Rating 10/10
The owners were very friendly and thorough when it came to explaining the program.
— Mary Jean V., Foxborough, Sept 20, 2016 Rating 10/10
The facility was very clean. Staff was extremely nice. No selling push. The clients were also very friendly. This made it very enjoyable.
— Tara C., Easton, Sept 7, 2016 Rating 10/10
The variety of classes, the personalized attention, the knowledge & expertise of the instructors, the ease of scheduling as well as the fee for late cancellation – which to some may be a negative but to me, keeps me accountable!!
— Marybeth S., Mansfield, Aug 25, 2016 Rating 10/10
I love the personal treatment. The training sessions always great, they keep you in shape and make you feel better about yourself.
— Jeanne H., Mansfield, Aug 13, 2016 Rating 10/10
I love the wonderful classes, the constant challenges, and the clean and friendly facility.
— Lee S., Mansfield, Aug 2, 2016 Rating 10/10
Great classes and friendly atmosphere. The trainers are all very professional and helpful.
— Matt. R., Mansfield, July 16, 2016 Rating 10/10
Love many things…the variety of group classes, the amazing instructors and all of the members are so friendly and supportive. This studio has such a warm and inviting atmosphere. All this makes working out a pleasure (as much as it can be). I love this place so much I come here almost every day.
— Karen M., Mansfield, July 7, 2016 Rating 10/10
Love that each class is challenging in its own special way. Love a good challenge!
— Beth B., Norton, June 27, 2016 Rating 10/10
I love the personal interest that both Tom and LeAnna have in their clients. It makes you see how much they care about a person’s goals. Their enthusiasm for health and fitness rubs off. I would give them higher than a “10” if possible.
— Sandy H., Canton, June 19, 2016 Rating 10/10
Great workout sessions. Small, personal training tailored to your specific needs.
— Jeanne H., Mansfield, Jun 9, 2016 Rating 10/10
Warm, caring environment. Great training.
— Jill T, Taunton, May 30, 2016, Rating 10/10
The instructors are the absolute best!! They really care about clients’ needs and expectations and make you feel so welcome every time you’re there….
— Kristen D., Quincy, May 14, 2016 Rating 10/10
Upbeat, personal instruction; superb instructors I’m having fun while being fit!
— Dorothy V., Foxboro, April 22, 2016 Rating 10/10
Everything is top-notch about Sheehan! The teachers, the facility, and the other clients!! It’s a community of health, fun, and well-being.
— Robyn H., Mansfield, April 15, 2016 Rating 10/10
Very different from anything out there, phenomenal instructors that start and end on time, clean facility! I mean really clean!!
— Madeline A., Mansfield, March 28, 2016 Rating 10/10
Everything. I love that you can get any service from nutritional counseling to fitness classes.
— Laura W., Mansfield, March 11, 2016 Rating 10/10
The facility strives to accommodate its clients and provides positive encouragement and energy at all times. The classes are always unique. Truly a great place to belong to.
— Pat D., Avon, MA Feb 29, 2016, Rating 10/10
Staff was very professional and helpful. Class was great! Loved it!!
— Donella D., Randolph, MA, Feb 23, 2016 Rating 10/10
Everything. Highest quality instruction paired with a motivating and nurturing environment top the list!
— Kim Z., Mansfield, MA, Feb 12, 2016 Rating 10/10
Everything! Great friendly knowledgeable staff. Fantastic classes. Welcoming atmosphere. Amazing owners who care about every client.
— Melissa F., Mansfield, MA, Feb 3, 2016 Rating 10/10
I loved the intimacy of the space. I didn’t find it intimidating to walk in through 100 people. I LOVED the private bathrooms! I REALLY enjoyed the level of interaction & instruction from LeAnna during Pound. As soon as I had a thought in my head that something wasn’t working, the instructions came out of her mouth to make it right. I took a SPIN class the day after Pound & HATED it & found myself comparing everything to the day before. I found myself bored at Spin (where I’m used to bootcamp & circuit training – where things are always being switched up. It helps me to keep my focus where I have a short attention span when it comes to working out!)
— Courtney W., Mansfield, Jan 18, 2016 Rating 10/10
I like the small challenging classes and excellent instructors. Best instructors are at Sheehan training and every class is challenging.:-)
— Eileen M., Mansfield, Jan 5, 2016 Rating 10/10
Amy H., Mansfield, Dec 21, 2015 Rating 10/10
All instructors and owners are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They all have the utmost commitment to improving individual fitness levels and overall personal health.

Laura W., Mansfield, December 3, 2015 Rating 10/10
Inviting environment but tough classes. I like that the facility is full service and you can get diet plans and other health services as well.

Kim Z., Mansfield, November 12, 2015 Rating 10/10
Where to begin?! 🙂 The extremely high level of quality in the instruction along with the supportive and nudgingly nurturing culture are dead ringers. Location and timing of classes are also what make it possible for me to consistently attend classes and make progress toward my personal goals. I also enjoy the variety of classes offered.

Maryalice, M., Mansfield, October 21, 2015 Rating 10/10
Awesome classes, highly skilled instructors, and great
people to work out with!

Jean Marie B., Mansfield, October 15, 2015 Rating 10/10
Love the owners. They are so professional and friendly. And all of their employees are as well.

Courtney S., Brockton, Sept 26, 2015 Rating 10/10
I really enjoy the barre and core classes that are offered. There is a wide variety of times in order to accommodate most people’s schedules. The instructors are very friendly, motivating, and dedicated to ensuring great workouts!

Chelsey C., Mansfield, Sep 7, 2015 Rating 10/10
I love the classes and knowing that in addition to getting an awesome workout when I go in, that I will also be surrounded by an amazing/supportive group of people!!

Doug M., Mansfield, Aug 20, 2015 Rating 10/10
The wonderful variety of workouts and classes, convenience of choosing from many time slots available, 3 person training groups, instructors are fantastic and push for hard work as they genuinely care about client progress and productivity, the facility is extremely comfortable to work in, very clean and organized, the entire atmosphere along with the attitudes you encounter are positive and supportive and last but not least the owners are hands on involved in training and classes and the source of all the above. They’ve implemented a standard of policies and provided the tools for the client to succeed. You only need to show up with the willingness to work hard and you cannot fail and cannot avoid happiness and a healthy life.

Harry D., Walpole, Aug 6, 2015 Rating 10/10
Tom & LeAnna have established an environment that is positive and have surrounded themselves with excellent trainers and clients. Can’t say enough good things about how my semi-private training has changed my well being.

Susie S., Mansfield, July 27, 2015 Rating 10/10
The classes are so challenging, even after three years! They are constantly changing workouts and trying new things, always with positive reinforcement. I am very very happy here!

Julie S., Mansfield, July 19, 2015 Rating 10/10
Great, friendly and challenging classes. With fantastic instructors.
Power packed one on one training sessions. With great trainers
Very personal and caring owners. It is a pleasure to walk through their doors every day.

Cheryl F.,Franklin, July 10, 2015 Rating 10/10
Everyone is so friendly and encouraging! Love that I am getting stronger and stronger everyday from Barre and Yoga!

Gaby D., Mansfield, July 1, 2015 Rating 10/10
Everyone was extremely supportive and willing to help until I fully understood what the correct thing to do was.

Priscilla D., Foxboro, June 22, 2015 Rating 10/10
Friendly people and easy to schedule services.

Sarah K., North Attleboro, June 11, 2015 Rating 10/10
Great challenging class. I loved the welcoming, friendliness that I experienced and the small class size.

Meredith G., Foxboro, May 28, 2015 Rating 10/10
The staff are great, very encouraging and knowledgeable!

Sheila K., Norton, May 14, 2015 Rating 10/10
I like this small group training, perfect size to still get individual attention. I also LOVE Ryan! Ryan is a great motivator and also pays particular attention to form so you don’t get hurt.

Diane F., Sharon, MA, May 10, 2015 Rating 10/10
With Sheehan’s commitment to personal training; I am more motivated than ever to consistently go to class. I feel it is an effective workout with the whole body being worked in an hour!
I am noticing differences and am down a pant size since last year! Yay!

Abbie F., N. Smithfield, RI, April 30, 2015 Rating 10/10
The gym is clean and well organized. The personal training session I had was quite comprehensive and the instructor was really driving us to do our best and use good form.

Robyn H., Mansfield, April 19, 2015 Rating 10/10
Sheehan is amazing! I love the variety of classes offered, the level of instruction, the knowledge the instructors share, the facility itself, and even the other members of the gym. Being fit has taken on new meaning in my life, and I have Sheehan to thank for that. I can feel myself growing stronger after every week of classes – and my stamina is improving as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Erin B., Mansfield, April 11, 2015 Rating 10/10
The classes are always different. Music is current. Also, the best thing is also the worst – limiting the class size. 😉

Sheryl R., Foxboro, April 2, 2015 Rating 10/10
Tom, LeAnna, and their trainers are kind, caring and highly skilled. The culture and environment is inspirational. The other members are warm and supportive, urging you to success. I look forward to going to Sheehan.

David F., Foxboro, March 24, 2015 Rating 10/10
I love everything, the staff is amazing and the workouts are tremendous!

Ann B., Randolph, March 19, 2015 Rating 10/10
Warm welcome, clean space, educated owner/teachers, and great intro system for potential gym members.

Liz D., Norton, March 12, 2015 Rating 10/10
The personal approach and I loved not feeling out of place as a beginner there!

Danielle T., Bridgewater, March 4, 2015 Rating 10/10
I love the facility, environment, and the owners are fantastic!

Rhyannon A., Attleboro, February 24, 2015 Rating 10/10
LeAnna and her husband are so welcoming and friendly. Very upbeat, great classes, and the studio is nice and clean.

Alex F., Mansfield, February 11, 2015 Rating 10/10
You are still able to feel comfortable regardless of a challenging workout routine. Instructors are motivating and committed.

Doreen K., Foxboro, February 5, 2015 Rating 10/10
Each client is known by name by ALL of the staff and the clients are so supportive to new members.

Angela H., Mansfield, January 26, 2015 Rating 9/10
The instructor was friendly, welcoming and encouraging. She gave constructive feedback while also allowing me to work at my own comfort/skill level.

Rebecca T., Foxboro, January 22, 2015 Rating 10/10
You’re made to feel special. Its a close knit community unlike regular gyms.

Paulette R., North Attleboro, January 12, 2015 Rating 10/10
Very personalized – even the group class that I took.
Extremely nice owner who isn’t shy about giving you her time.

Erin B., Mansfield, January 7, 2015 Rating 9/10
I’ve taken 2 pound classes. The music is great and the environment is energetic and fun. Great way to workout for 45 minutes.

Patricia D., Avon, January 2, 2015 Rating 10/10
No doubt the best fitness facility I have ever frequented. The staff and trainers are true professionals that only want the best for their clients, knowing every one of them by name. It is a place that once you begin attending you look forward to the next time and the time after that. The workouts are never the same but are always diverse and thorough. The owners, Tom and LeAnna, are extremely dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of their clients. Definitely a positive and high energy place!!

Mike L., Foxboro, December 23, 2014 Rating 10/10
I really liked the group of individuals that I worked out with each week. I looked forward to working out and seeing them each week. Also, the staff is very professional and accommodating to your schedule.

Liz D., Norton, December 11, 2014 Rating 10/10
I love how personal it is. I feel like Tom and LeAnna really know who I am, and not just another membership.

Jackie M., Taunton, December 7, 2014 Rating 10/10
I was recommended by a close friend who is an existing member. So far I’ve been to one class and I enjoyed it so much that I had to try a few more. LeAnna made me feel very comfortable and she really paid attention to my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve never been to a group class that makes it feel that individual. I really feel that I can get the results that I want coming here. There’s a little bit of traveling, but we’ll see how it goes. If I continue loving it, I’ll make the effort.

Danielle T., Bridgewater, November 25, 2014 Rating 10/10
I love how friendly and truly passionate LeAnna and Tom are. They are so sweet, and really care about what they are doing.

Rick S. Norton, November 14, 2014 Rating 10/10
There are a variety of classes to choose from and the training sessions are tailored to all levels of experience.

Elizabeth O., Mansfield, November 6, 2014 Rating 10/10
I love the personal touch and awesome personal trainers 🙂

Renee C., Mansfield, Nov 2, 2014 Rating 10/10
I love the encouragement! I respect the opinions of the instructors so when they give compliments, especially by name, during a class, it means a great deal. It helps me to keep going when I want to quit. I also value the sentiments of perseverance and positivity that LeAnna offers. Even though the focus is on our physical health, I very much appreciate and enjoy the mental “exercise” and find I need to shift away from my negative thoughts. It makes the workout a complete experience! Thank you!

Radhika B., Sharon, Oct 18, 2014 Rating 10/10
Sheehan offers a perfect combination of personal training with professionalism with a variety of exercises in a clean and fully equipped setting. The best mind and body studio in the South of Boston area.

Rob B., Foxboro, Oct 12, 2014 Rating 10/10
There are always different exercises, friendly clients, & the Sheehan staff. It is a just a pleasant experience…

Julie S.,Mansfield, Oct 2, 2014 Rating 10/10
Personal training is worth every minute and you are pushed to your full potential. You leave feeling like you really accomplished something. The group classes offered are also great and affective for a full body workout.

Cheryl F., Franklin, Sept 19, 2014 Rating 10/10
I feel the classes are wonderful and the instructors along with the clients are all so welcoming and friendly.

Eileen P., Norfolk, Sept 10, 2014 Rating 10/10
Class size, whether there is only a few people or a full house, it always seems to be just right. I am sure that this is due to the energy of the instructors. I like that the instructors almost always at some point mention every person’s name. It’s personal, every one likes to be recognized, and it helps us to know peoples names.

Judy G., Sharon, Sept 1, 2014 Rating 10/10
They are the best! Focus and concern for the client is the most important aspect of all of the trainers. I love the feeling when I have finished working out there!

Felicia P., Providence, Aug 21, 2014 Rating 10/10
Like… It’s more like I LOVE that every class. No matter who the instructor is, each class is modified to each person. The instructors take the time to modify moves to make it work for each individual. All the women are so supportive of one another. Who needs therapy when you have Barre Babes there to make you smile and feel good about yourself???

Danielle T., Bridgewater, Aug 11, 2014 Rating 10/10
I love the small class size, the friendliness of the instructors, and the feel of the environment. I have actually already told a couple of friends about Sheehan Personal Training. I love it here.

Kristen H., Mansfield, Aug 7, 2014 Rating 10/10
I loved the friendliness and the supportive environment, getting back into fitness can be intimidating, and it has been a positive and exciting experience thus far!!

Brenda L., Norton, Aug 1, 2014 Rating 9/10
Full body workout with lots of positive,enthusiastic,friendly people.

Sue C., Mansfield, July 25, 2014 Rating – 10/10
Semi-private training at an affordable price! Exactly what I have been looking for! Extremely knowledgable about personal training techniques.

Christine W., Mansfield, July 17, 2014 Rating – 10/10
Variety and the number of classes, time of classes, and quality of the classes. All the instructors are fabulous!!

Linda K., Mansfield, July 12, 2014 Rating 10/10
Feel very supported personally – all instructors and staff know the clients. Clients are also friendly and supportive of each other. Feels like a community. The instructors are also among the best I’ve ever had – very professional, talented, and personable.

Lori D., Foxboro, July 3, 2014- Rating 10/10
Great instructors, friendly faces, fabulous classes. I love the feel of a smaller studio, it’s like my 2nd home 🙂

Laura R., Mansfield, June 29, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I love the personal commitment to the clients. Tom and LeAnna truly care about everyone’s well being and go out of their way to make you feel happy and healthy.

Cheryl F., June 18, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I like that you can sign up for classes online. It was wonderful to be greeted at the door and filled in on how it all works – the instructor was also very welcoming and helpful and I liked that there was an introductory class that I could take to evaluate if this type of exercise would work for me.

Jean-Marie B., Mansfield, June 12, 2014 – Rating 10/10
The owners are wonderful! Tom and LeAnna are so personable and friendly. They always greet me as I come in and as well as when I leave. I really enjoy being there.

Amy D., Bridgewater, June 4, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Classes are amazing but the staff is what makes it truly remarkable!

Mike L., Foxboro, May 30, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Challenging, and everyone I have worked out with has been very supportive.

Dayna Z., Sharon, May 22, 2014 – Rating 10/10
The personal trainers are top notch as well as the barre classes and their instructors. I like the personal service and the clients who are members. I can’t say enough great things about Sheehan Personal Training. They are wonderful people and they know their business.

Patty N., May 11, 2014 – Rating 10/10
There are many trainers/instructors in the industry, but it is rare to come across the real deal. Some trainer don’t just educate you, but also motivate you to make you want (really WANT) to succeed at your goals! Both LeAnna and Tom are not just doing their jobs… this is their passion, and it shows. Some trainers will take your money, give you a plan, and send you on your way. Not here… they keep communication open, motivating you, pushing you, never giving up on you!! I find myself always wanting more with them… their “drive” keeps me coming back for more (especially those high energy classes… with THE BEST music!!) And did I mention… I live about an hour away. This, alone, speaks volumes… don’t ya think! 🙂

Aileen T., May 1, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I love the very friendly atmosphere and the honesty to share new and healthier ways of living. Always looking to improve their services and challenge us with new classes and exercise programs.

Kristen D., Quincy, April 23, 2014 – Rating 10/10
All the instructors are so great!! You always feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door and the workouts are amazing!! Each instructor takes the time to help clients perfect their form and position to ensure they get the most out of their workout.

Kristen F., Mansfield, April 16, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I love the personalized attention, amazing group classes, and system for scheduling classes…I could go on and on!!

Melissa S., April 10, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Small class size. The best instructors. Amazing results. Friendly, non-competitive yet inspiring atmosphere.

Dora D., Mansfield, April 3, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Staff is so very supportive! Workouts are tough but effective. You work hard, but get results and always feel great afterwards!

Corey S., Foxboro, March 28, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I recommend Sheehan Personal Training to everyone who expresses any interest whatsoever in training or fitness. Tom and LeAnna genuinely care about each of their clients and they hire staff that reflect that supportive spirit. Particularly for those who are less than enthusiastic about committing to an exercise program, but know it is a necessity, there can be no more encouraging and comfortable environment.

Phil M., March 20, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Amazing fitness and nutrition coaching from a wonderful husband and wife team. After just a few months of training and fanatical devotion to their meal plan I was in the best health of my adult life. My wife lost 20 lbs and was showing off her abs (first time ever) in time for spring. Highly recommended. We love the Sheehans.

Doran M., March 12, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Excellent Barre class. The class size was small enough that I received personal attention from the instructor and it was very challenging.

Meghan K., March 6, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Engaging class – pushes you and keeps things fun. You can tell the instructors have planned out the class (and the music to match the exercises), and are not just winging it.

Molly M., February 27, 2014 – Rating 10/10
It was my first time trying a barre class and LeAnna Sheehan made me feel totally comfortable. It was a great first experience.

Karen L.,Foxboro, February 19, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Sheehan puts the “personal” in personal training. I feel very taken care of when I’m there.

Ellen A., February 13, 2014 – Rating 10/10
The minute my friend and I walked in we were so warmly greeted. The class was great and the energy was outstanding!

Sage B., February 6, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I love everything! The classes, instructors, atmosphere, and those welcome smiles when you come in the door!

Lorraine G., January 30, 2014 – Rating 10/10
The trainers and instructors are wonderful and the ratio to clients is perfect. Not too big or too small.

Laurie D., January 23, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I have really enjoyed my personal training sessions so far. I like the friendly atmosphere, and the owners and trainers are extremely motivating.

Steve L., January 14, 2014 – Rating 10/10
Great facility and trainers. Very motivational. The trainers keep you focused on the workout and help improve your overall physical conditioning.

Marie R., January 8, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I like how personal the gym is. Tom and LeAnna know everyone. The classes and instructors are great!

Rose P., January 4, 2014 – Rating 10/10
I love the owners, staff, puppies, and other clients. This is a passion of Tom and LeAnna and they want to share it with everyone. They are always there to listen, encourage, and make us believe that all is possible.

Dora D., December 31, 2013 – Rating 10/10
The workouts are constantly changing so you never get bored and the trainers are always high energy and motivating! Joining Sheehan was the best thing I’ve ever done!

Patricia D., December 24, 2013 – Rating 10/10
The Sheehan team of instructors excel at encouraging their clients to strive for their personal best. That, along with the personalized interaction among all of the staff and clients makes a very positive environment to belong to. I consider myself fortunate to have walked through their doors.

Kim A., December 18, 2013 – Rating 10/10
I love the all around care you give to each and every one of us. I have never worked out at a more personal, caring place! You’re my happy place!

Tiffany P., December 12, 2013 – Rating 10/10
I love the personal attention and the knowledge and dedication of the trainers. I love knowing and trusting that the trainers have my well-being in mind.

Debra B., December 9, 2013 – Rating 10/10
Very personal. The class was small with plenty of time and space for the teacher to monitor students’ form and participation level. Very attractive, professional, and friendly environment. Your commitment to excellence is evident in all aspects of your business!

Andrea L., November 30, 2013 – Rating 10/10
Personal semi-private training. I appreciate you and your professional trainers watching me to make sure that my positioning and technique are correct. Training at Sheehan maximizes effectiveness and minimizes the chance of injury. And of course, I truly appreciate the flexibility and understanding when it comes to my crazy schedule.

Heather G., Foxboro, November 16, 2013 – Rating 10/10
The staff is knowledgeable, eager to teach/help, and always smiling & friendly. The energy is always upbeat & positive. Work outs are challenging but made fun! It’s nice to be somewhere knowing how much the owners and staff care.

Alicia M., November 6, 2013 – Rating 10/10
The instructor and class were both fabulous and unique.

Maura S., October 26, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Very friendly and helpful staff. I was very nervous coming to class because it’s been so long since I’ve worked out on a regular basis. Great instructor, great energy, and VERY welcoming!! Will definitely be back!! Thanks again!!

Dina S., October 17, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
The facilities are very clean and the trainers are knowledgeable, driven, and make sure you are working to your best ability by always raising the bar.

Julie H., October 11, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Warm, friendly and positive atmosphere. Love the group instructors thus far and the classes – ex. Barre and Pound. Meticulously clean too.

Diane C., October 5, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Personal attention, really great workout, and it’s always different. Mixing up moves keeps it interesting and works different muscles. The studio and equipment is very clean, well-kept, and LeAnna is very sweet and a great trainer!

Aileen T., October 2, 2010 – Rating: 10/10
I like the unintimidating atmosphere….you are welcomed and helped right when you walk in. My first Barre class I was scared that I would not be able to do it, but everyone, including the clients were very encouraging and friendly so I could relax and concentrate on my workout.

Deb C., October 1, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
The facility is very clean, well organized, and provides their clients with excellent trainers.

Diana P., Sharon, September 26, 2010 – Rating: 10/10
Walking into Sheehan Training is what I imagine heaven to be like. It is an oasis for me because I feel myself begin to heal as soon as I enter the front door. Tom and LeAnna are so supportive, motivating and positive ALWAYS!!!! They seem to always be especially motivating and supportive when I completely fall off the good nutrition and exercise wagon and enter their front door talking about eating nachos and Wavy Lays! They never judge me nor give up on me so that helps me to never give up on myself….even when life is completely kicking my butt! These two special individuals are life coaches who will be your personal cheerleader….ALWAYS! Everything they have both ever said to me regarding nutrition, exercise, divorce, and life is exactly 100 correct and always motivates the heck outta me! That is why I will NEVER leave this studio. They are just nice, honest people who won’t take advantage of you. Not ever.

Julia F., September 26, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
I like the friendly people and positive attitude. Also, I like the personal attention to detail when I’m not in proper form for the exercise so I don’t injure myself. I also feel confident the Sheehan Personal Training team is educated in the proper form and techniques necessary to build a strong body safely.

Dianne P., S. Easton, September 26, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Very warm and inviting environment where everyone knows your name.

Linda R., September 25, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
I love how clean it is. I love the energy of the staff.

Wendy B., September 25, 2013 – Rating: 9/10
I like the variety of classes with professional & friendly staff. Also like the online scheduling. and its a very clean atmosphere.

Irna G., September 24, 2013 – Rating: 9/10
There are several classes and times to choose from and I feel I get a very good workout with each instructor I have had, Also the facility is very nice as are all of the staff.

Deborah M., September 23, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
The classes are great. Small enough that you get feedback on how you are doing in the class. The times of the classes work well with my work schedule.

Linda K., September 22, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Personalized – employees know each client and clients know and care about each other. Very home-like.

Susan K., September 22, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
You immediately feel welcome when you come into the studio. I really enjoy taking the Zumba class.

Holly M., September 21, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Instructors are professional and take their classes seriously. They always give feedback to students. I have paid for barre classes at my previous gym and they do not give the same feedback and do not give a workout as good as here. I love it! I will continue to go as long as I am living in this area.

Robin P., September 18, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff is awesome, kind and helpful without

Carolyn S, Mansfield, September 18, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
What’s not to love. Your studio is my second home. The class schedules are
thoughtfully planned out to always suit working and/or stay at home mom’s.
The energy and genuine thoughtfulness that Tom, LeAnna, and the staff bring
as you enter the door is simply awesome.

Bridgett C. September 18, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
I love that the Sheehan team – Ryan, Tom, LeAnna, Gail, Jesse, and the rest of
staff are so compassionate about health amongst themselves.
It really shows me that they are true leaders and makes me strive to
become healthier. They practice what they preach. 😉

Kristen C, September 18, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
I love the classes. The instructors are always changing the routines to make
them more challenging and new classes are being added to the schedules.
Everyone is so friendly and positive it makes it fun to workout.

Shannon S., September 18, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Very comfortable and friendly place. Love the workouts, which are always
challenging and changing, to keep us moving towards our fitness goal.

Christine W., September 17, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
You know everyone’s name and everyone is very positive 🙂

Lee Ann F., September 16, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
I appreciate the individualization, and the genuine caring and thought given to each client. The environment is motivating and inspiring. (Coupled with really hard work)

Lori Z., September 15, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Sheehan Training is a fitness center that is constantly looking at innovative classes and improvements to existing. More importantly is the unreal, uplifting, and positive attitude that Sheehan stands for. It truly fits my needs perfectly and happy to be part of the Sheehan family.

Ryan P., September 7, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
Love the positive environment, knowledgeable and committed staff!

Jenny T., August 30, 2013 – Rating: 10/10
I like how professional and knowledgeable the staff is. The group classes are the perfect size, always feel like the instructors are willing to help you and guide you when needed. Has a very personal touch.

Dora D., July 31, 2013 – 10/10
You have a great formula for personal training, always challenging, and helping us push ourselves, very well rounded workouts. Trainers are all very attentive, and personable. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

Ann C, Sharon, Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Highly Recommend!!! No need to look any further than Sheehan Personal Training for all your fitness needs. I’ve been a member for over two years and here to stay! Personal training sessions are challenging and never boring. It is great for all fitness levels. Tom, LeAnna and staff are wonderful. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging. They are there for you every step of the way.

Jeffrey Cutter, Falmouth, Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I met both Tom and LeAnna in 2007. Anyone can teach you how to run, lift weights, exercise. Not everyone can show you how to make it a lifestyle. These two can. I bought in immediately to their approach to life conditioning. They are honest, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, generous, and down right just great people. I have been able to pass on what they have taught me about conditioning, nutrition to my three children. Life is all about the decisions we make. Make the decision to be a part of Sheehan Personal Training and you will change and improve your lives in ways you will never imagine.

D Klee, Foxboro, Monday, May 13, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training gave me back my nursing career. Getting older and getting fatter resulted in back pain after every shift I worked as a nurse. Now just a few training sessions a week improved my core so I can lift push and move my patients like I did when I was 20. The positive energy at Sheehan Personal Training empowers each client to feel better body mind and spirit. Give it a try it will give you back your life.

Beth E, East Bridgewater, Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Sheehan Training has given a whole new meaning to personal training. They are the most dedicated people I have ever encountered. The trainers at Sheehan are by far the best I have ever worked with. Tom and LeAnna have taken the time and effort to truly come up with the best formula for a successful training program including nutrition. I walked into Sheehan Training 45 lbs heavier then I am today, I’m 46 years old and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m working on my 3rd goal and already thinking of a 4th, I didn’t even think I could complete 1 goal never mind 3 or 4. I would give Sheehan Training more than 5 stars they are truly committed to you and to helping you become the person you didn’t even know you could be!

Laura, Monday, May 6, 2013
Very hard work that is enjoyable at the same time. I have gained a great amount of muscle and flexibility in a short period of time! The Barremax classes become very addicting! I started off at 3-days a week and now I am up to about 4 or 5, and get very bummed if I have to miss a class. The instructors are great and don’t pressure you, but they are going to push you because they know you can do it! You will be amazed how quickly you start to improve. They whole center is great and the owners and trainers are awesome!! LOVE IT!

Tom E, East Bridgewater, Sunday, May 5, 2013
This is the personal training facility that got me off the gym “merry-go-round” and on the path to success. The team at Sheehan training takes an active interest in all facets of your health (strength, nutritional, flexibility and many more). Incredibly they monitor your progress quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily (YES DAILY) assisting you in anyway they possibly can to help you reach your training/health goals. Tom and LeAnna take a personal and active interest in your success both inside and outside the training facility and both exude knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Sheehan Training if you need to get off that gym “merry-go-round”.

Ginger Hastings, Mansfield, Wednesday, May 1, 2013
I can’t believe what I have been able to gain in muscle…lose in inches in 4 months. Barremax is awesome… they allow you to work at your own pace. The coaches are great, I am so impressed by their enthusiasm and shocked when I am almost able to make it through an entire class without giving up! I love it…it is addicting!

Shawn H, Foxboro, Wednesday, May 1, 2013
A great place to work out. Tom and LeAnna are hard workers who will go out of their way to help people reach their health goals. The trainers are friendly and personable and know how to get the most out of the exercises they plan. The ability to utilize the cardio room at any time the gym is open makes working out on a schedule very easy. I could not ask for a better gym experience.

David John Foscaldo, Foxboro, Monday, April 29, 2013
As I approach 38 years old, I find myself in the best shape of life. I can honestly say that I owe it all to Tom and Leanna’s team at Sheehan Personal Training. They are truly friendly and knowledgeable professionals who are eager to point you in the right direction. If you are willing to take the challenge, then you will see the positive results/benefits. Their upbeat enthusiasm and their unmatched intensity levels will surely take you to the next level!

Lisa Lawless, Norfolk, Monday, April 29, 2013
I have been attending classes at Sheehan Training since the fall. Hands down, this facility and their trainers should be rated 5 stars! They are professional and knowledgeable and the facility is clean, bright and always welcoming.

Julie, Foxboro, Monday, April 29, 2013
Outstanding on every level! Challenging workout but great for all fitness levels. Lovely, clean studio and a friendly welcoming environment!

Courtney Hastings, Mansfield, Sunday, April 28, 2013
I joined Sheehan Personal Training with my mom in January and have been taking barre classes ever since (they are addicting after you suffer for the first couple of weeks!). We heard about Sheehan from a family friend, and it was one of the best recommendations I’ve gotten. Being a dancer my whole life, barre classes incorporate techniques and strength that I had used in my dancing career, which is one of the things I really love about barre. Each of the moves we do tone the area that we are working-and trust me you can feel it- while also protecting us form injuries. We are always doing different workouts, however always targeting arms, thighs, “seats”, and abs. All of the instructors are fabulous, and really know what they are doing! I’ve never had a boring workout, and it’s always a great way to either start or end your day. I have very much enjoyed my experience at Sheehan and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Gail Bolduc, Norfolk, Sunday, April 28, 2013
Amazing personal service provided by the owners who live what they offer at Sheehan Personal Training. I would Highly recommend them for anyone trying to make a change in their lifestyle or maintain what they have already achieved!

Irna Goodman, Sharon, Thursday, April 25, 2013
I have been attending barre classes at Sheehan Personal Training since last September. I have been to all three instructors’ classes (LeAnna, Gail and Elena), and they are all excellent! They each change up the routines often enough that its never boring, and you definitely get a full body workout. Also, the facility is so clean and inviting, and all the staff members are friendly and approachable. Thanks for making working out such a nice experience!

Michele Gilmore, Mansfield, Wednesday, April 24, 2013
I am going on 18 months with Sheehan. They have totally changed my perspective on health and exercise. Tom and LeAnna have been knowledgeable, professional, and so encouraging as I have changed my life, diet and body. The instructors that work with them are inspirational and I look forward to my workouts at Sheehan.

Melissa, Mansfield, Wednesday, April 24, 2013
I learned about Sheehan Personal Training when my husband purchased me a 5-pack of classes through Living Social. I figured I would take the classes then go back to my solo activities as I was not interested in a gym. Well that was almost a year ago and this is definitely not a gym! The instructors are amazing and the classes are engaging and challenging. They not only make you feel good but actually change your body! This is the first time I can say I actually noticed a difference from the workouts. The owners Tom and LeAnna are supportive and provide a welcoming atmosphere for all levels of fitness. If you have never tried Sheehan Personal Training you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I guarantee you will find it worthwhile and worth every penny for your fitness goals and your health.

Lee Ann Fallon, Mansfield, Tuesday, April 23, 2013
I’ve been a member of Sheehan training since January of this year. Both LeAnna and Tom are very engaged with their members and truly have a vested interest in seeing members achieve their personal goals. They are great role models for those that strive to live a healthier lifestyle, and understand that all their members are at various phases of making those improvements.. I find them to be genuine and caring— at the same time — they will push you to achieve more than you thought you could. I would recommend this studio to anyone.

Carla, Sharon, Tuesday, April 23, 2013
I have been attending various group classes at Sheehan Personal Training since I purchased a Living Social Coupon and I have never been disappointed. There is not a class I have not liked and haven’t signed up for again and again! They have made me feel so special from the first day to the present – motivation-inspiration-encouragement. You get all of these and more from EVERYONE at Sheehan Personal Training!

Terri Silveira, N. Attleboro, Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Tom & LeAnna run a highly “personal” training studio – one that incorporates a truly holistic approach to health, nutrition, fitness, and well being. Their super energetic styles and friendly demeanor with all of their clients makes us feel like we are not ‘going’ to a place to train but rather we are ‘coming home’ to train with family and friends. I’d highly recommend Sheehan Personal Training to anyone (new to fitness or a veteran) looking to improve their health, fitness and overall well being.

Tom, Mansfield, Tuesday, April 23, 2013
This place is fantastic. Have worked with all the trainers and each one of them is great. Great enthusiasm by everyone. I recommend Sheehan Personal Training to all, no matter what your level of fitness is at this time. They will develop a program to fit your needs.

Krista M, Norton, Tuesday, April 23, 2013
From the minute I walked in the door I knew Sheehan Personal Training was for me. Tom, LeAnna and Ryan are amazing to work with and their energy and passion keeps me motivated. I look forward to every workout because I know it will be both challenging and fun. The convenience of scheduling or changing my appointments online is an added bonus. Did I mention how friendly everyone is?

Mary Carreiro Caine, Foxboro, Monday, April 22, 2013
Support, Encouragement and Motivation ~ that is what you will find at Sheehan Personal Training. Tom and LeAnna Sheehan and their great staff are there to keep you on track and make you WANT to exercise and be healthy. The workouts and classes are challenging but fun! You will be amazed at what you CAN do when provided the right instructors, positive energy and support. No regrets! Highly recommend Sheehan Personal Training.

Aileen Turnbull, Mansfield, Monday, April 22, 2013
Love the instructors and the clients…everyone is friendly and very encouraging, which makes the atmosphere so enjoyable when you are really challenging yourself. The barre classes are amazing, what work you can do in 60 minutes. There are so many classes that it allows for a flexible schedule….and the best part is it is a short from my house!!

Kim McCarthy, Foxboro, Monday, April 22, 2013
At Sheehan Personal Training they treat their clients like more than just clients…they treat us like family. Tom and Leanna are true earth angels! They are the kindest, most wonderful two people I have ever met. They truly inspire and motivate you to be the best possible human being you can be…both on a physical and personal level. You feel the love and positive energy the minute you walk in the door. I am feel so blessed and happy that I have found this wonderful establishment! I would give them a million stars if I could!!!

Jayne Thrasher, Foxboro, Monday, April 22, 2013
The Sheehan Training professionals utilize the most current fitness technologies. They offer resistance training, nutritional counseling, Barre, Zumba, Pilates, and Piloxing. Tom, LeAnna and staff are totally committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. It is one of the best things I do to start my day!

Laura Rogers, Mansfield, Monday, April 22, 2013
Tom and LeAnna are owners who really care about their clients. They keep us motivated and we are so lucky to have found them. They keep us happy and healthy.

Nikki Brey Ribeiro, Norton, Monday, April 22, 2013
LOVE this place!!! The owners are so welcoming and the workouts are phenomenal! You feel the positive energy as soon as you walk through the door…

Debbie LaFrancois, S. Easton, Monday, April 22, 2013
Amazing place to be!!!! In every way. Cannot recommend it ENOUGH!!!!!

Kerri Sperzel, Foxboro, Monday, April 22, 2013
I’ve worked out at so many gyms and this is by far the cleanest and most personal. The barre classes are one of the hardest workouts you will ever do (in a good way!) and you won’t believe how much you get done in a 45 minute small group training session. I highly recommend it.

Sharon Lynch, Foxboro, Sunday, April 21, 2013
Joe and I have enjoyed many of Tom and LeAnna’s classes. We love their energy, encouragement and knowledge of fitness and nutrition. They have a way to help you to accomplish fitness goals you never thought possible. We have recommended them to friends in the past and will continue to do so. They are awesome!

Jen, Mansfield, Sunday, April 21, 2013
The classes and instructors at Sheehan Personal Training are awesome. LeAnna, Gail and Elena all have great energy and the classes are challenging. I love the barremax and yoga classes and within two months of taking a couple of classes a week I could see a significant difference in my overall fitness. This is a great place with wonderful, knowledgeable people and I highly recommend it!

Eileen Moore, Mansfield, Sunday, April 21, 2013
Sheehan Training has so much to offer and I’m SO glad that my friend and I bought the Living Social coupon back in October, 2012. I immediately became hooked on the barre classes as I find them to be very challenging, as unfortunately for me, I am not motivated enough to exercise on my own and have always loved exercise classes. I also have belonged to so many gyms over the years and truly believe that this is one of the best gyms in the area and love the small class atmosphere. It is also right across the street from my home, so now I have no excuses, but really wish that I had more free time to check out all that they have to offer. The class instructors, Lee Anne, Gail, and Elena are all top notch professionals and have amazing energy and I admire all of them. They have also recently trained a new instructor, Melissa, who is also a fabulous instructor with amazing young energy. If you are truly looking for a great gym, with that personal attention and great results, then you really should check out this new fitness center soon! 🙂 Eileen Moore

Lori Zanecchia Weiner, Mansfield, Sunday, April 21, 2013
Sheehan Fitness IS for everyone. They are a full service fitness center with personal training, cardio machines and studio programs for barre, piloxing and zumba. I have been hooked on the barre classes since their opening in Mansfield. Tom and LeAnna are extremely supportive and knowledgeable and truly are leaders in their industry. Their studio instructors; LeAnna, Elena and Gail motivate and inspire all of us. It is such a privilege to be a part of their clientele. I HIGHLY recommend Sheehan Personal Training and please join and be a part of a great team!

Mary B, Mansfield, Saturday, April 20, 2013
I am the “Queen of Joining Gyms” over the past 20 years and averaging an attendance of maybe 5x year. I usually get so bored that I return to my outdoor aerobic routine. Since joining Sheehan in Mansfield I have been attending a minimum of 4 x week and loving it.!!! It is a difficult workout but the instructors are so…… motivating that you manage to keep going. My daughter has joined as well which is an added bonus for “girl time”. The other thing that I love about the “Sheehan Team” is that they continuously check your positioning during class to make sure there are no injuries. For someone with chronic back pain this is soooo important. I am committed to this gym and attending on a regular basis. This is only because of the wonderful inspiration and teaching at Sheehan Personal Training. Thank You!!

Richard Haddad, Foxboro, Saturday, April 20, 2013
When you have a desk job it is difficult to keep to an exercise routine, especially as you get older. I have been a client of Sheehan Personal Training twice a week for 2 1/2 years now. Their weekly appointments keep me on a set schedule. Their new Mansfield MA location offers even more training and exercise class options.
Most importantly LeAnna, Tom, Ryan and other staff are all good people who take a serious interest in the exercise and dietary health of all their clients.

Kristen Ciocci, Norfolk, Saturday, April 20, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training is the best! I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now and I have the Barremax instructors to thank for that. The classes are challenging, but LeAnna, Elena & Gail’s positive attitudes keep you motivated! Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made to join this studio.

Michelle P., Mansfield, Saturday, April 20, 2013
Absolutely a top notch facility with very friendly and knowledgeable trainers. The personal training sessions are intense, full body, killer, and fun all at the same time. I truly look forward to my sessions every week.

Deborah Cunniff, Foxboro, Saturday, April 20, 2013
Hardly know where to start explaining the exceptional team at Sheehan Personal Training. Best atmosphere I have ever worked out in. Tom and LeAnna are committed to your success. Their positive attitudes and encouragement will help you reach your goals!

Rob H., N. Attleboro, Friday, April 19, 2013
Tom and LeAnna are awesome. Just a fantastic place for training, they are truly passionate about what they do and it shows. They take the time to get to know you and help you with your goals. Just can’t say enough great things about them.

Sandy Brenneman, Plainville, Friday, April 19, 2013
I have been going to Sheehan Personal Training for a while, ever since joining I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Tom, LeAnna and Ryan are amazing trainers. They are great nutritionists and have lots of knowledge to share with you. They offer a great variety of classes but my favorite is the semi-private training. You meet some great people and at first I was hesitant to train with others but as you get stronger and more confident you look to have others to join in and motivate and challenge you to do better. It is the best place around, to make changes!

Wendy L. Haney, Foxboro, Friday, April 19, 2013
I’ve been going to Sheehan Personal Training since 2009-guess I’m hooked!
Tom, LeAnna, and Ryan are great trainers and really care about their clients.
I love the semi-private classes because we all motivate each other and have a few laughs. If you want a great workout in a great environment go to Sheehan Training!

Carolyn Simonelli, Mansfield, Friday, April 19, 2013
I wish I could give 10 stars to Sheehan Personal Training. They are hands down, the best fitness studio in Mansfield. I’ve been a client for over 8 months, all of their classes are top notch. Tom and Leanna genuinely care about every client that walks into the studio, whether it’s at 4 a.m. or 6 p.m. you will always see their beaming faces welcoming you when you walk in. The instructors are phenomenal and they will always work to help you reach your full potential. Sheehan Personal Training is a true gift to Mansfield!

Doreen Vovcsko, Mansfield, Friday, April 19, 2013
I am very happy to review Sheehan’s Personal Training with the highest possible rating. It is the quality and knowledge of the instructors and the unique aspect of the barre classes that separate them from everyone else.
All fitness levels are challenged in a non-competitive, inspiring, motivating environment. Your greatest asset is your health….this is the place to invest in…..

Dayna Zola, Sharon, Friday, April 19, 2013
This is the best place to workout for personal training and group classes! I have been a client for over two years and Leanna, Tom, and their staff have changed my life. They are motivating, knowledgeable, positive, personable, and truly care about every person who walks through their doors. I give them an A+.

Diana Griffin, Foxboro, April 19, 2013
I was looking to get back in shape after starting my family and so many people I knew raved about Sheehan Personal Training. Tom and Leanna are not only some of the kindest people out there, but they provide unbelievable workouts for a range of fitness types. The attitude in the center is contagious. I have been with them almost a year and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Kevin and Leslie Guerrini, Foxboro, Friday, April 19, 2013
My husband and I have been going to Sheehan’s for years. We cannot imagine not having Tom and Leanna Sheehan in our lives. Not only are we in great shape but we have literally changed our lives through the nutrition counseling we have received through Sheehans. Weight training, nutrition, cardio, and great group classes all make this studio the best around. Give Sheehans a try – you will not be sorry!!!

Margie Minkler, Foxboro, Friday, April 19, 2013
Very professional and yet, personal

Ashley Massa, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I started taking group fitness classes last fall at Sheehan and I couldn’t ask for a better place to work out. The instructors really care about their clients seeing results and are frequently changing up the routines so we continue to challenge ourselves. The owners Tom and LeAnna really take an interest and their clients wellness and are truly inspirational in motivating you to lead a healthy lifestyle! LeAnna, Gail and Elena are very experienced in group fitness and are always helping you to make adjustments to get a better workout. The facility is extremely clean and well maintained. I took barre classes at a few other places and I promise you will not find a better price.

Christine B, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I love Sheehan Personal Training. All of their instructors for their group classes are very knowledgeable and challenge you every time you go. No 2 classes are ever the same!! You not only get a great physical workout, but also leave there feeling emotionally stronger and very positive! I would highly recommend this facility!!

Linda Sibilia, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Tom and Leanna are passionate about helping clients reach their fitness goals! They go the extra mile for their clients, I have been to other facilities and have not experienced the same professionalism and courtesy. I highly recommend Sheehan Personal training!!!

Dora Dorval, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training is the best! They have the perfect formula to motivate you and get results. Workouts are always changing and challenging and you know they have put a great deal of time and thought in to each one. I’m in the best shape of my life!

Lee Sternburg, Sharon, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Love this place, you are not just a number here, you are a valued client. The classes are fabulous and the teachers put in a tremendous amount of time, effort, and thought in order to make sure the classes are always different.

Debby M, Mansfield
Thursday, April 18, 2013
I absolutely love going to Sheehan Personal Training! I can’t say enough about how great everyone is there – from the instructors of the classes to even the clientele. Everyone is extremely personable there. The instructors are knowledgeable and are extremely motivating! I started out with a Living Social coupon to try some classes out and now I have been going there since November and I don’t plan to stop! Anyone who tries out this studio will not be disappointed!

Megan Orlando, Canton
Thursday, April 18, 2013
I absolutley LOVE Sheehan Training. Amazing trainers, positive- upbeat atmosphere and the classes always keep me on my toes! Barre classes I would give 10 stars if it was an option!=)

Susie Sandberg, Mansfield
Thursday, April 18, 2013
Loveeeee this place!!! It has literally changed my life!! Tom and LeAnna are such positive people and truly get joy out of improving clients’ quality of life! They are inspirational both personally and professionally. I wish I could give Sheehan Training 10 stars but the rating system only goes up to 5!!! Joining here will be the best thing you ever did!!

Dianne Tepper, Foxboro
Thursday, April 18, 2013
Great place to improve your mental and physical well being. They offer great classes and encourage all levels of fitness, beginners right on up to the elite. The staff is awesome!!!!! No matter how I walk in the doors, I always walk out feeling great. LOVE it there!!!!!!

Bill Cunningham, Weymouth
Thursday, April 18, 2013
I’ve been going to Sheehan Personal Training since they were in Foxboro. The new Mansfield facility is convenient and well maintained. The best part of Sheehan Personal Training is the staff. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they take a personal caring interest in each client. That is something you can’t get in a pill or a bottle. I recommend them highly and suggest you stop by and say hi. It will change your life.

Julie Smith, Mansfield
Thursday, April 18, 2013
I can’t say enough about Sheehan Personal Training. I have been training with Tom, leAnna and Ryan since I joined in Sept 2012. I have never felt better. They push and encourage me every session. I also have been taking Yoga and Barre classes. I absolutely love Gail the instructor. As far as the studio as a whole….Tom and LeAnna are the most kind and supportive people I have ever met. What ever goal it is that you would like to achieve, they are as excited about it as you are and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.They will also help you with nutrition,so you can truly be the best you can be.
I recently had knee surgery and they checked in on me after the procedure to make sure everything went OK. That is just the kind of people they are! Now they are helping me get strong again.

Doreen Rutledge, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training is fabulous beginning with walking in the door and being greeted by name and how do you do –
to the incredible Barre classes, does not matter which instructor is doing the classes as they are all motivated and encouraging. You will not be disappointed in any area of this wonderful facility.

Dorothy Vosburgh, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Motivating classes, personal attention, top-notch instructors!

Christine Reynolds, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I’ve been at Sheehan Personal Training since they opened their new location in Mansfield. It is by far the best training program I have ever been a part of. Tom and LeAnna are passionate about what they do. I currently take the BarreMax classes and I am challenged by every teacher in a different way. I love the way I feel when I leave and it makes me want to come back the next day. I have never felt that way about a gym!

Janet, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
The best thing about Sheehan Personal Training is the positive encouraging environment. When I go to do a class there I leave behind the stress of the day and focus on my workout. And I always leave with a smile on my face!

Dianne Galley, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
This is a nice, clean, well run gym with extremely knowledgeable professionals who truly care about their clients. The best part of Sheehan’s is the individual attention given, here you are not just a number. You are treated with respect and taught new and innovative ways to work your body into shape. The workouts are always different and very challenging. It is definitely worth your time to check it out.

Lisa Barry, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I have been a member of this studio since they opened last July and I couldn’t be happier. I continue to be challenged at each and every class but they also focus so much on nutrition which keeps me motivated to eat healthy. The staff is very friendly but also extremely knowledgeable. I always recommend Sheehan Personal Training, you will not be disappointed!

Keegan Garnsey, Canton, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I am so glad that I found an amazing studio right in Mansfield that offers great classes with amazing instructors. I LOVE the Barre class and have seen real results after taking it for a few months. Tom, LeAnna and the rest of the instructors could not be more friendly, helpful and you can truly tell that they love their work!

Lori Dunbar, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training is by far the best place I have worked out. I take their Barremax classes. The instructors are top notch and the classes are always challenging. Tom and LeAnna are the best!!!! They have a vast knowledge of nutrition and I always know where to go if I have a question. I love starting my day at Sheehan 🙂

Kevin Crowell, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I started with Sheehan Personal Training with my wife about a month ago. Our life has turned around and we feel wonderful in the direction it is headed. Tom and LeAnna are not just wonderful trainers, they are wonderful people. Their facility is very inviting, their staff is wonderful, and besides weight loss, we have seen dramatic changes in all phases of our lives. I recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for a positive change in their lives and is looking for a positive place to start.

Julie, Foxboro, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I started with Sheehan Personal Training a couple of months ago. It has been a great experience. I have worked with trainers in the past and have to say that the trainers here are top notch. They focus on your individual needs/concerns and motivate you to get the best workout possible. Also, I started taking the Barre class and the instructors have been great – very knowledgeable and extremely challenging for all fitness levels!

Patty Nameishi, Plainville, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Five stars! Love Sheehan Personal Training! The instructors are all first class fitness and nutritional professionals and very passionate in what they do.

Michelle, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training is a wonderful gym/studio. The owners and instructors are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Kristin DeThomaso, Quincy, 11:57 am on Thursday, April 18, 2013
Sheehan Personal Training is a fabulous fitness facility! I look forward to going to a variety of fitness classes there each week and always feel personally welcomed every time I step through the door. LeAnna is a fantastic instructor and truly cares that each client meets their individual fitness goals. Highly recommend Sheehan Personal Training!

Rose Pacella, Mansfield, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Great atmosphere, instructors, clientele, clean and comfortable. Love it.

Cindy Wagner, Walpole, Thursday, April 18, 2013
I have taken other ‘barre’ classes g. Amazing trainers, positive- upbeat atmosphere and the classes always keep me on my toes! Barre classes I would give 10 stars if it was an option!=)

Susie Sandberg, Mansfield
Thursday, April 18, 2013
Loveeeee this place!!! It has literally changed my life!! Tom and LeAnna are such positive people and truly get joy out of improving clients’ quality of life! They are inspirational both personally and professionally. I wish I could give Sheehan Training 10 stars but the rating system only goes up to 5!!! Joining here will be the best thing you ever did!!

Dianne Tepper, Foxboro
Thursday, April 18, 2013
Great place to improve your mental and physical well being. They offer great classes and encourage all levels of fitness, beginners right on up to the elite. The staff is awesome!!!!! No matter how I walk in the doors, I always walk out feeling great. LOVE it there!!!!!!

Bill Cunningham, Weymouth
Thursday, April 18, 2013
I’ve been going to Sheehan Personal Training since they were in Foxboro. The new Mansfield facility is convenient and well maintained. The best part of Sheehan Personal Training is the staff. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they take a personal caring interest in each client. That is something you can’t get in a pill or a bottle. I recommend them highly and suggest you stop by and say hi. It will change your life.

Julie Smith, Mansfield
Thursday, April 18, 2013
I can’t say enough about Sheehan Personal Training. I have been training with Tom, leAnna and Ryan since I joined in Sept 2012. I have never felt better. They push and encourage me every session. I also have been taking Yoga and Barre classes. I absolutely love Gail the instructor. As far as the studio as a whole….Tom and LeAnna are the most kind and supportive people I have ever met. What ever goal it is that you would like to achieve, they are as excited about it as you are and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.They will also help you with nutrition,so you can truly be the best you can be.
I recently had knee surgery and they checked in on me after the procedure to make sure everything went OK. That is just the kind of people they are! Now they are helping
Great variety of classes, instructors who are not only quality people, but who really care about their clients, super clean facility, and positive and happy atmosphere!!!
— Susie S., Mansfield, Oct 21, 2016