Cancellation Policies

Personal Training Sessions

Unlike most gyms, we have no membership fees and no minimum term commitments for our personal training contracts.

  •   Monthly personal training contracts are billed on the first day of each calendar month.

  •   Sessions must be cancelled outside of 24 hours to be made up during that month.

  • A 30-day notice is required for termination of your personal training contract.

  • All training sessions must be used within the month and are not carried over.

  • If joining mid-month, we will prorate your charge for that initial month.

Group Training Classes

  • All scheduled group classes must be cancelled prior to 12 hours of scheduled class to avoid losing the class.

  • All auto-pay and unlimited monthly class clients will incur a charge of $10 for classes cancelled within the 12 hour window, and $15 for absences without cancelling. (no-shows)