Eighth Day of Stress-less Christmas: Add Humor

Laughter is one of the best ways to relieve tension.  When you laugh, endorphins are released, triggering the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.  So, if the next few days get a little stressful, here are a few ways that you can add some humor to the situation.

At the Office:

Host a Yankee Swap: My office does this every year and it’s a blast.  Everyone brings a $15 wrapped gift – and the rule is that we all buy locally.  At the swap, we all pick a number, let’s say 1-35.  #1 picks the first gift.  Then #2 picks their gift.  If they like #1’s gift better, they can take it from #1.  #3 can take a gift from #2 or #1.  Get it?  This goes on for all 35 people.  At the end, #1 can take any gift they want.  

Start an Office “Elf on the Shelf”:  We have a little blue Office Elf who goes around and makes mischief in people’s cubes and offices.  


At Your Home:


Elf on the Shelf:  I’ll admit, I steered clear of the Elf craze for as long as possible.  Who needs one more To Do during the holidays, right?  But, Herby was a lot of fun for six years.  Yes – we did wake up in the middle of the night completely panic-stricken because the elf hadn’t moved.  But some of the elf stuff can be pretty hilarious.  The key is to remember that there are no elves coming to your house to clean up whatever mess your elf made.

Host a Festivus Celebration:  This year December 23rd is a Saturday – and I’m wondering if there will be Festivus Parties.  You know – the holiday created by Seinfeld’s Mr. Costanza, where you air your grievances – complete with the Festivus pole, red foods and feats of strength.  If you have a lot of sarcastic friends with a great sense of humor, this could be one to try.  Here are some step by step instructions.


For Yourself:

SNL on Youtube:  If you just have a few minutes but need a laugh, you can’t go wrong with a quick visit to SNL on Youtube.  Pete Schweddy.  Enough said.

Funny Christmas Movies:  Take a night off for Four Christmases, Christmas Vacation or Love Actually.

Good luck out there and Happy Festivus everyone!