Personal Training

Our model of semi-private training has proven to be a successful alternative to traditional one-on-one training. Sessions are designed to keep all four participants working the entire time by focusing on opposing muscle groups in an organized manner. Every workout is carefully and ergonomically designed to maximize effectiveness of the resistance training to build muscle, create bone density, and strengthen tendons and ligaments. Camaraderie and friendships created are a great side effect!

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Our personal trainers train up to four clients in 45-minute full body sessions that focus on:

  • Balance/Agility

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Stability

  • Strength/Power

  • Reaction time

  • Cardiovascular endurance

Our program will help you:

  • Develop a toned body and alleviate aches and pains

  • Lose or redistribute weight

  • Reduce or eliminate feeling winded after ascending a flight of stairs

  • Stay accountable to your training plan

  • Improve self-confidence based on sustained results

  • Stay motivated and never bored using our constantly changing and varied workouts

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has always been active, we will assess your fitness level and create an individualized program that helps you improve the way you move, feel, and look.

Participation Level (Packages)

You will choose a monthly participation level in the form of a monthly training package, which might consist of:

  • 1x training per week

  • 2x training per week

  • 3x training per week


We also offer single sessions comprised of:

  • 1 session

  • 5 pack

  • 10 pack

For our rates, see Purchase Personal Training. 

Bonus: Unlimited group training classes!

All monthly training packages include unlimited FREE Group Training Classes.


We work with all clients to determine an optimal training schedule that accommodates their life needs. 

While noting that fixed schedules promote accountability and commitment, we also understand the need for flexibility and occasional changes. 

Our online scheduling system allows you to cancel scheduled sessions and re-book at a time that meets your changing needs.