Twelfth Day of Stress-less Christmas: Remember the Reason


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I hope that this blog-post series gave you some ideas on how to find more serenity in mind, body and spirit this holiday season.  

While I no doubt had some tense moments (or two – okay, more than that), I have to say that this was probably the least stressed I have been during the holidays in a very long time.  What changed?  A couple of things.  My very dear Great Aunt Ruth (my godmother) passed away this fall.  She was a true inspiration – a lover of nature, an absolute Yankee, a real do-it-your-selfer, an intellectual, and more Martha Stewart than Martha herself.  But I remember her wise advice (and there was so much that she gave me).  This one resonates with me – especially this Christmas season.  Don’t try to be too perfect.  Don’t try to be too perfect.  Isn’t that the advice we need at Christmas?  I don’t want my kids to remember Crazy Cookie Making Mom at Christmas.  I want them to remember a time of love, faith and family.  

Jodi is my friend from high school.  She and I were cheerleading co-captains back in the day.  One of the beauties of Facebook is that you get to stay in touch with people who you otherwise would probably not be able to see all the time.  Jodi game me permission to use this great photo of her Christmas list – and I love it.  Of course, these last couple of days I’m food-shopping and cooking and last-minute wrapping.  But, I’m remembering that it doesn’t need to be perfect.  I’ll remember to be present tonight and tomorrow.  And well, you can read the rest. 


Merry Christmas Everyone!