Photo by gustavofrazao/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by gustavofrazao/iStock / Getty Images

6 Week Nutrition Program

High Fat/Low Carb/Moderate Protein

w/Intermittent and Extended Fasting

the january 2019 6 week session beginning January 5 is now full. Please contact the studio at 508-337-3131 if you wish to join the list for our march session.


Our first group of ten people lost a total of 146 lbs, and over 81 inches off their body!

Program Overview

This program will be limited to 10 clients and will be available on a first come first served basis.  It is a 6 week program and our next session will begin in January 5, 2019. A meal plan will be provided to each program member.

We will be adhering to the following timetable:

21 day restart - 14 day daily intermittent fasting - 72 hour extended fast followed by a careful refeed to complete the program.

Program successes will include loss of sugar cravings; an easy, affordable, and empowering way of eating; energy gains; fat loss; and weight loss.

We will conduct weekly topical discussion meetings on Saturdays at 11:00AM, and notes will be emailed for those who cannot attend in person.

Each participant will receive before & after body measurements and photos and we will have weekly weigh in requirements.  We will instruct each person how to do daily meal journaling through the MyMacros app on your cell phone.

Daily exercise will be required and this program will be open to Sheehan Personal Training members and non members.

Cost $397 per person - Program Full UNtil Next 6 Week Session

Here's how it will work!!!

21 Day Restart

  • Prepare to become a fat burning machine

  • Learn how to eat 3 meals a day and be satisfied

  • Eat real food that is easy to purchase and easy to prepare

  • Eat at home or out

Lose the ball and chain of food addiction

Intermittent Fasting

  • Learn the health benefits of intermittent fasting

  • Heal your body by reducing insulin resistance

Extended Fasting

  • Learn to cleanse and heal your body with a program ending 72 hour fast and refeed.

  • May sound scary now, but by week six you will be ready for this life changing event

How to get right back on plan with your post fast meal and prepare for your life ahead!

Each week we will prepare you for the week ahead, giving you the critical information that you need to be successful.  Too much information at once is overwhelming for most of us, but learning in weekly segments sets you up for easy success. 

You will be part of a 10 person support group.  While your daily foods may look a bit different based upon food preferences and daily calorie requirements, you will each be on similar macro and eating schedule requirements.

We are committed to nutrition and find it the most important component of our fitness lives.  We will be with you every step of the way! 

We must limit this 6-week group to 10 individuals without exception, and we do expect the program to fill quickly.  Please act quickly.

 We will all be in this together, and it’s amazing what we will be able to accomplish when supporting each other….

We will all be in this together, and it’s amazing what we will be able to accomplish when supporting each other….