Semi-Private Personal Training


Our model of semi-private training has proven to be a successful alternative to traditional one-on-one training. Sessions are designed to keep all four participants working the entire time by focusing on opposing muscle groups in an organized manner. Every workout is carefully and ergonomically designed to maximize effectiveness of the resistance training to build muscle, create bone density, and strengthen tendons and ligaments. Camaraderie and friendships created are a great side effect!

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You will:

  • Develop a toned body and eliminate aches and pains
  • No longer run out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs
  • Stay on track by being held accountable to your training
  • Have confidence by training in a positive, results-oriented environment
  • Never get bored with our constantly changing and varied workouts

Monthly training packages

Single session: $50
One time per week: $200/month (4-5 sessions)
Two times per week: $300/month (8-10 sessions)
Three times per week: $375/month (12-14 sessions)

All monthly training packages also include unlimited group exercise classes!

You will receive a permanent schedule for your sessions, but we realize that we all have busy lives and sometimes we need flexibility. Our convenient online system allows you to cancel scheduled sessions and re-book at a time which accommodates you.

purchase semi-private personal training 10 pack ($397)

Purchase Semi-Private Personal Training 5 pack ($247)