Spring Field Trip: Pawtucket Winter Time Farmer’s Market

From time to time, I hope to take some Field Trips as part of this blog journey.   I consider myself to be a “foodie” in that I spend a lot of time and care figuring out what food I’m going to put into my body, onto my family’s table and into my children’s lunch boxes.  In our house, as a team (and it truly is a 4-person effort), we all work at menu-planning, recipe research and shopping.  As part of this blog, it is my hope to share all of that with you.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I made a long-desired trip to Rhode Island for the Saturday morning Pawtucket Winter Time Farmer’s Market.  We had already formulated our plans and then an article appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine featuring the market and sealing the deal.  The Pawtucket Winter Time Farmers’ Market is absolute legend.   It’s held in the Hope Artiste Village from November to April each year on Saturday mornings from 9 am until 1 pm..  Then, beginning the first Saturday in May they move the market out of doors to Hope Street on both Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings (so you can still experience the treasure that I am about to describe.)

What took us so long to find this true gem?  Oh – that’s right!  I just remembered that I’m a busy Mom with no time for strolling Farmer’s Markets languorously on Saturday mornings!   We took advantage of a rare break at our ballet school to make this trip.  And by the way – it’s all of about 15 minutes from Mansfield – and worth every minute and mile of that drive and time!

My daughter also brought along her best friend, so I had two up-and-coming foodies in tow.  We met my mother there (a Rhode Islander and Pawtucket Winter Farmers Market Veteran).  My daughter’s BFF (also a PWTFM Veteran – had a list of favorites from her family and knew exactly what she wanted to get).  

So, what’s at the Market?  A lot!  Over 80 vendors are there.  Plan to get there early – like at the 9 am start (they have amazing coffee and you can get one of those first).    I was so overwhelmed by all of the amazing vendors and their fresh produce, baked goods, prepared foods, plants, seafood, desserts, eggs and more – that I had to take one complete lap before buying anything.  Everything must be local.  In order to be a vendor, at least 80% of what you sell must be grown on that farmer’s farm and 100% must be sourced from RI, MA or CT.

What were some of our favorites?  Well, first my favorite local farmers are there:  Ward’s, Langwater – and some of my Rhode Island favorites too, such as Mello’s and Schartner.  I love, love, love the Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan vendor Two Little Buns.  The scallops that we bought from Bomster Scallops were the sweetest I have ever tasted.  I loved that I found purple carrots! The girls loved La Creperie – and had their breakfast there.  They also loved the Greek vendor and her delicious olives, hummus, etc. My mother would second those scallops and she loves the German baker and Olga’s from the East side of Providence.

Pawtucket Winter Time Farmer’s Market is a true treasure.  I’m so glad we finally made the trip.  We’re definitely going back soon to check out the outdoor version of this Saturday treat.