Fifth Day of Stress-less Christmas: Make Time for Yourself


Happy Fifth Day of Stress Less Christmas Everyone!  When we started this series, I talked about how I used to feel when I sprinted into the pew on Christmas Eve.  I felt like I had just finished the longest race – and there was still flour on my cheek from baking all those cookies.  Today, let’s think about how we feel on December 26th?  I’ve almost always felt depleted, like I have nothing else left to give and I need a good, long break.  We’re very busy and stressed, making this magical holiday during the weeks leading up to December 25th,  that many of us forget to take care of ourselves.

So, Tip #5 in The Twelve Days of Stress Less Christmas is Make Time for Yourself.  I always think of the words that the flight attendants use during the safety announcement:  place your oxygen mask on first before helping others.


Need some ideas on how to make time for yourself?  I have plenty!

  • Yoga:  Sheehan has the best yoga classes in town.  Don’t miss Gail’s class on Thursday nights at 6:30.  And Mary fans rejoice.  She’s coming back in January!  Tuesday early mornings!
  • Pilates:  Have you tried Collen’s mat class on Tuesday nights at 6:30?  Bring your core and your resolve and you will leave feeling refreshed.
  • Stretch:  I’ve said before that Meredith’s Athletic Stretch class on Sunday mornings should be mandatory for all Sheehan personal training clients and group class participants.  If you haven’t tried it, come in one Sunday and do so.  You will leave feeling  12 inches taller.
  • Massage:  This crazy time of year is sure to leave your muscles in knots.  I trust mine to the extraordinarily capable and gifted Mary Pecce.  She is a massage therapist like no other – a physical therapist by training, with New England Patriots for clients.  I recommend 30 minutes. It’s all you’ll need!  Serenity Massage in Foxboro.
  • Beauty (or Grooming) Appointment:  It can seem impossible to fit in that highlight/haircut/manicure at this time of year, but it can be done.  The best places schedule for the holidays – with extra hours and extra staff.  My favorite, All About You in Foxboro, is open this Monday December 18th for appointments.

For the truly time-pressed, here are a few more ideas as we get closer to that finish line.  Bonus:  most of these are free.

  • Podcasts:  Find one that you love and listen to it during your hectic morning/evening commute
  • Deep Breaths:  When you get into a stressful situation, try some deep breaths.  If you are worried about all you have left to do for the holiday, try saying, “It will all get done.”  Say it a lot.
  • Take a walk.  

For more on how to give yourself more time during the holidays, check out this Huffington Post article.