Bikram Yoga

We are sorry to announce that as of August 31st of this year, we will no longer be offering Bikram Yoga at our studio.  We have worked hard to create a mixed use facility where the heated environment required by Bikram Yoga can operate alongside the environment required for our resistance and cardio training programming.   We have found that we simply cannot make the two work without a significant investment. 

We thank Jayme McDonagh for the love of her craft and her commitment to excellence.  We thank each of you for your patience and loyalty to Jayme.

Many of you have purchased monthly unlimited classes specifically for your Bikram yoga practice.   We will terminate those agreements in August upon request of those clients.  We ask that all 5 and 10 pack purchases be used by August 31.  We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause, and we thank you for being here over the last eight months.