LeAnna and Tom Sheehan started their business as a personal training studio in Foxboro in July of 2006. They are passionate about helping people improve their health and reach their ideal weight for the long term.

They do not believe in short term solutions and have been extremely successful helping people reach their goals by changing their thinking about nutrition and exercise. Creating lifestyle changes equals achieving results that last a lifetime.

We are now in our 12th year of business and have recently opened our studio in a new space at 241 Francis Avenue.  We were able to build this space from scratch and have maximized it to achieve a unique and personal experience for everyone who comes through our door.  Our group exercise program continues to thrive, and we offer over 30 classes per week!  All group classes are included in our personal training packages. The classes include Barremax®, Pound, yoga, Tabata, Strength Circuit, & other specialty classes. The studio has attracted many people who are new to working out, along with those who are looking to take their fitness to a new level. The both pride themselves on building personal relationships with every client who walks through their door, and enjoy meeting people who understand the importance of physical activity and nutrition to have the healthiest and most active life imaginable.